New Americans

Chair: Helen Kuznetsov
Members: Djavid Novrouzov, Ninel Novruzova
Ex Officio: Jessica Kopolow

The New Americans Committee is responsible for providing assistance to new Jewish families who arrive to Champaign-Urbana, Russian speaking or other language speakers, and to all Jewish families who stayed here after their arrival for any length of time. There are about 52 people who use our services. The following are some examples of assistance provided during the last year:

  • English conversation group for Russian language native speakers was created and it was successfully functioning with about 6 people involved. The credit for its start and success should be given to Djavid Novrouzov, who found the right people to run this group. The main focus of the group’s studies was dealing with new requirements for people preparing to take tests for getting US citizenship. The appropriate documentation was obtained and the people who were to take the tests could borrow these documents from CUJF. It is expected that more people will need these services considering that Urbana Adult Education functioning is in jeopardy and Parkland College offers only paid courses of English as Second Language.
  • Qualified new Americans were given financial assistance to attend Jewish and Israel holiday celebrations and other Jewish community events.
  • Subscriptions to Russian language American Jewish publications, magazines and newspapers were sponsored for qualified members. Unfortunately, Novoe Russkoe Slovo, the distributor of these materials, is now out of business. A new source for these publications is being sought.
  • Information in Russian and English was provided to all local Russian-speaking members of Jewish Federation about events at Jewish and Refugee Establishments in Champaign-Urbana. Transportation was also provided when needed.
  • Appropriate information, translation into Russian, and assistance was provided to members who needed to obtain US Permanent Resident documents and then American Passports. We also help to expedite the process when it is urgently needed.
  • A significant number of Russian-speaking people attended Metropolitan Opera live performances at the Savoy 16 movie theater. Transportation was provided when needed.

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