Programs And Services

CUJF serves the local community in a variety of ways.  The Committees, whose members are volunteers supported by CUJF staff, are the primary mechanism for providing programs and services to involve, enrich, and benefit the local Jewish community. The following is a brief summary of the mission of each of the current active committe.  For more information just click on the link at the end of the summary.

Gift Of Israel
Gift of Israel is a cooperative savings program in which families and CUJF share the cost of an educational trip to Israel during the participating student's high school or college years. This educational opportunity is available to all Jewish young people in our community. [more]
Chevra Kadisha (Burial Society)
The Chevra Kadisha, the local Jewish burial society, provides preparation of the dead for traditional Jewish burial, education about Jewish death and mourning practices, and respectful, low-cost burial for the indigent. [more]
Human Services
"The Human Services Committee attempts to address the diverse human needs of our community with insight and compassion. Committee activities include assessment and referral to appropriate social services as well as assistance with necessities such as food, housing [more]
Holocaust Education
This committee sends information about the Holocaust to public school teachers and college students majoring in education; sponsors and grants scholarships for in-service teacher training programs; provides videos, books, and newspapers to local libraries [more]
New Americans
New Americans Committee provides help and assistance to new Russian-speaking or other Jewish families who arrive to Champaign-Urbana, and to all Jewish families who stay here after their arrival. There are about 52 people who currently use our services [more]
CHAI Senior Programs
CHAI provides programs for seniors; transportation, holiday packages and friendly visits to the ill, homebound, and recently bereaved. Popular weekday daytime programs are attended by between 30 and 60 people [more]
Jewish Community Relations Council
JCRC disseminates information about current Jewish issues to the community at large; distributes a multi-year calendar of Jewish holidays to local schools and businesses; writes letters to local newspapers and provides speakers for the media. [more]
CUJF Functions
In addition to programs and services provided by the committee volunteers, CUJF performs additional functions for the local community including community events, camp scholarships and leadership grants [more]
Camp Scholarships
The Foundation for Jewish Camp unifies and galvanizes the field of Jewish overnight camp and significantly increases the number of children participating in transformative summers at Jewish camp, assuring a vibrant North American Jewish community. [more]