20 2018

Shavuot Scvenger Hunt for Kids

4:00PM - 6:00PM  

Colbert Park 203 E Church St
Savoy, IL 61874

Contact Rabbi Jody Cook

On Shavuot, we celebrate the great gift that we received at Mount Sinai.  Jewish tradition teaches that all of us were there when God gave our ancestors the 10 Commandments.


This year on Shavuot, bring your family to Colbert Park in Savoy for a 10 Commandments Scavenger Hunt, a climb to the top of “Mt. Sinai” (AKA the hill in Colbert Park), celebrating with the Torah, an ice cream bar and play time in the park.  Shavuot is often times observed by having an all-night study session and eating dairy foods.  We will have an afternoon session of learning/engaging in Torah and eat ice cream!


Meet at Colbert Park at 4:00 on Sunday, May 20.


This program is geared toward children under 7 and their families (siblings are always welcome to participate). 


Please RSVP to Rabbi Jody Cook ( by May 18.


KIDdush Club programming is a joint effort, sponsored by Sinai Temple and CUJF/PJ Library

Sponsor: Sinai Temple and CUJF/PJ Library