"It Never Was You - Jazz by Jewish Composers"

Shabbat Shirah is the Sabbath of Singing. Many congregations highlight this Shabbat by creating services brimming with extraordinary music to celebrate Moses and Miriam leading the Israelites across the Sea of Reeds (The Red Sea) and out of Egypt.
On January 30th at 6:30 pm CMT NYC-based vocalist Hadar, and her all-star NYC-based band of Jewish musicians, are performing a LIVE FULL BAND virtual concert of songs from the Great American Songbook, and the funny, fascinating, and heart wrenching stories of the Jewish composers who wrote the vast majority of it.  
This intimate and innovative evening gives participants from around the country the opportunity to interact live with one another and the artist, as she breathes new life into some of the most iconic songs in history using unique arrangements and cutting edge video technology. After the performance there will also be a Q & A. 
Hadar hails from TLV and since graduating from the Berklee College of Music has gone on to perform for such audiences as Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ehud Barack, to name a few. In December of 2019 Hadar released her album "It Never Was You - Jazz by Jewish composers" to critical acclaim to honor the enormous contribution made by Jewish composers to the distinctly american art form of jazz. To listen to the music and learn more please click HERE.
Grab a bottle of wine, order some takeout and cozy up on your favorite couch for a night you won't soon forget! 
Registration will be available starting on January 28.