Music to Feed Our Soul

CU Jewish Federation and CU Jewish Endowment Foundation are excited to invite you to a musical event series with musician Zach Mayer during the week of December 6-12.

This musical series is made possible by the generous funding from CUJEF, specifically the Samuel and Sadie Small Fund for Jewish Arts and Culture (teen and community events), the Goldberg-Gordon-Yairi Fund for Seniors, and the Libby & Harry Miller Memorial Fund (Chai Seniors program and box lunches).

Teen Event


Pop, Hip-Hop and Rap… they are Jewish music!

December 6 @ 1:30 pm CT


Do you sport Spotify? Are you Gaga for Lady Gaga? What makes Harry Styles so stylish? What if you learned that the pop, hip hop, and rap music you already know was actually Jewish music? Join Zach Mayer in uncovering the secret Jewishness hidden behind the songs that you love. 


Watch Zach leading a Yiddish Hamilton/Klezmer mashup with teens this summer at KlezKanada.


Please register to get access info.

KlezKanada 2020

Chai Seniors Special Lunch

Nigunim, the Soul of Jewish Music

December 10 @ 12:00 pm CT

Join musician Zach Mayer, who will explain the history and significance of nigunim (wordless melodies from the Hasidic tradition) and talk about how they are sung today by different individuals, groups, and congregations. He will teach a traditional nigun, followed by an original melody of his own composition, and explain which elements of the melody are rooted in tradition, and which elements are new. 

This event is part of the Chai Seniors series, but is open to everyone, young and old, in our community! Please register to get access info.

Are you a member of Chai Seniors?

We would like to treat you to a Michael's special box lunch to be delivered to your home just before the event begins. Please register to get access info and to order lunch.

The CHAI Seniors program is coordinated by CUJF and funded by the Goldberg-Gordon-Yairi Fund for Seniors and the Libby & Harry Miller Memorial Fund of CUJEF.


Community Celebration


Hanukkah Sing-Out Community Party

December 12 @ 7:30 pm CT


A sing-your-heart-out experience! Join the virtual song circle with artist-in-residence Zach Mayer in singing Hanukkah songs, both old and new, along with other melodies that lift the spirits. Don’t forget to bring your candles and Hanukiot! Please register to get access info.


About Zach Mayer


Zach Mayer is one of today’s young leading lights in Jewish music. With over 10 million hits on YouTube for his "Subway Sax Battle", Zach has performed with John Zorn, Frank London, Michael Alpert, Joey Weisenberg, and Bobby McFerrin. He performs internationally with Zion80, a 10-piece Jewish Afrobeat band inspired by the music of Shlomo Carlebach, and his folk sextet, Night Tree, has toured internationally and has released two albums produced by Seamus Egan of SOLAS. He has been on the faculty at the Brandeis Institute of Music and Art, Laguardia Arts High School in Manhattan, and teaches at Jewish music festivals worldwide. He received his Masters of Music from the New England Conservatory in Boston. 


Watch a video featuring original music from Zach's latest album, Modeh Ani.

Zach Mayer's Modeh Ani