Leanna and Sarah go to Puerto Rico

Leanna Cossman and her daughter Sarah travel to Puerto Rico Dec 18-23, 2017 on a medical mission.

Saying Farewell

Overall the trip was a success. We positively impacted a community and each other. I worked beside people from all over the country who are doing amazing things in their communities and globally and I am honored to have spent time with them.

There is still a great deal of work to be done i…

My craziest day!

Today might’ve been my craziest day! I was the only one on translation duty, so on top of giving instructions for filling out paper work and directing traffic flow, I was running around in the crowd helping people who either couldn’t see the paper (they were obviously there for the visio…

Day 21 The best day - The worst day

The best day!

Dr Maria is a physician from PR who volunteered with us in Aguada. Her sister and friends are in Baranquatis, a remote community in the center of the island cut off by a bridge collapse.  Babies are allowed 1 diaper per day and people haven’t eaten in 2-5 days.

We gave Dr…

Dec 20 - The day of the dog

Stray dogs and eye glass prescriptions

Our First Day - Leanna

It was a great day taking care of people who were so happy to be here and grateful firvwhat they received.  200 people received comprehensive eye exams and new glasses from our optometrist. Eye care is not part of routine health care in PR. 25 women received GYN exams and will be follo…