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"If you don't know at least part of the story, if you don't know that there is a story, then we shall bequeath upon our descendants a sense of shame. We could not save those who died but we can save them from dying again because to forget is to kill them again. So why should the next generation in the 21st century live with that shame? For the dead and the living, we must bear witness." - Elie Wiesel

Highlights 2016-17

  • Teacher workshops on including arts in the teaching of the Holocaust
  • Display of Holocaust artwork of Agnes Matjinszky Pal at Sinai Temple
  • 11th Annual Virtual Holocaust Museum at Franklin Middle School
  • 5th Annual "Through Their Eyes"- a student exhibit on the Holocaust, at Sinai Temple
  • Presentations at schools in Champaign, Rantoul, Westville, and Danville

Holocaust Education Committee


The CUJF Holocaust Education committee serves as a resource to help school systems comply with the 1990 Illinois state mandate to teach about the Holocaust in fifth, eight, and tenth grades. (Public Act 86-780)


The committee is also dedicated to providing assistance to all individuals in the greater Champaign-Urbana area who wish to address the universal lessons to be learned from the Holocaust.


The committee sends information about the Holocaust to public school teachers and college students majoring in education; sponsors and grants scholarships for in-service teacher training programs; provides videos, books, and newspapers to local libraries and schools and speakers to area classrooms.

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Members (L to R): Don Francisco, Robin Goettel, Jennifer Klasky, Rebecca Lawson, Bob Lehmann, Brian Kahn (Chair)

Holocaust Education Trunks provide materials and ready-to-use units that vary in readability and format, are grade-appropriate, and are relevant to all learning styles.

  • Teacher Reference Books
  • Lesson Plans
  • Fiction and Non-fiction Books (classroom sets)
  •  Videos and DVDs; CD-ROMS
  • Poetry and Scripts for Plays
  • Artifact Kits

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JDC Archives

Search the archives of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, which has a large collection of documents and photographs relating to its work during World War II. There is information about the legacy of the JDC's work rescuing and providing relief during and after the Holocaust. Learn more

Relive the Historical Evening with Marthe Cohn


Click here to see full event recording.


World War II spy Marthe Cohn, the author of Behind Enemy Lines: The True Story of a French Jewish Spy in Nazi Germany, is sharing her story of joining the French intelligence service, posing as a nurse, crossing enemy lines and relaying information about the Nazis back to the French.